Generel Information

- Extended abstracts should be uploaded to the system from the "Application and Registration" menu.
- Extended abstracts, including references, should not exceed 1500 words. The texts exceeding this rule will not be accepted and rejected by the Symposium secretariat.
- Extended abstracts will not be corrected by the Symposium Committee. Therefore, authors are responsible for spelling and meaning errors.
- The papers to be presented at the symposium, even if they are the author's own, should not be presented or published elsewhere before.

Formal Information

- Papers should be prepared as a Microsoft Word document in A4 (210X290 mm.) format with 2,5 cm margins on each side of the page.
- 1,15 line spacing should be used in writing the paper. The text should be written in Times New Roman style with 12 font size and justified. There should be a space between paragraphs. Paragraphs should be indented 1 cm.
- APA (American Psychologial Associaton) references should be used. Citations should be in parentheses in the text instead of footnotes. The parentheses should include the author's last name, the year of the source and the page number, respectively (Horngren, 2002: 124). Multiple sources must be separated with semicolons and the abbreviation "vd" should be used in declarations with 3 or more authors.
- The first letter of each word should be capitalized and bold in the headings.
- The text of the figures used should be written at the bottom and the text of the tables should be on the top. The content should be explained as the title next to the figure / table number. Figures / tables should be placed in the text and numbered consecutively in the text.

Paper Format

I. Title and Author(s)’ Names

Title should be written in capital letters, 12 points bold and centered. There should be 2 lines of space before the title. After the Turkish and English titles are given, the name of the author (s) (in small letters) and surname (in capital letters) should be written in 12 point bold and centered. In the footnote given after the surname (1), the information about the author (s) (and e-mail address) should be written in 10 point italic. Author (s) title and institution information must be entered correctly.

II. Abstract

All papers should include abstracts both in Turkish and English. The abstract should include the main purpose of the study, sampling method, research method and findings of the study. Abstract text should not be more than 300 words. Keywords should be written separately in Turkish and English, followed by one line after the abstract. At least 3 keywords should be used.

III. Introduction and Objects of the Study

In the introduction and objective part of the study, information should be given to the reader in order to provide clear ideas about which question the study seeks to answer, which research question or questions are set out and why this study is necessary.

IV. Conceptual Framework

In this section, especially the studies directly related to the subject and purpose of the study should be summarized. In this context, the importance of the study, the gap filled and additional contributions of research should be clearly explained.

V. Design and Methodology

In the methodology part of the study, the research design, research model, hypothesis, sampling process and data collection techniques should be clearly stated. Moreover, it should be briefly stated which quantitative / qualitative analyzes are used.

VI. Research findings and discussion

The findings obtained in the analysis of data or conceptual studies should be discussed in relation to the conceptual / theoretical framework. Similarities and differences and their causes should be evaluated.

VII. Conclusion, Suggestions and Constraints

Depending on the findings of the research, important issues related to the conceptual / theoretical framework and thought to contribute to the relevant literature should be included. After mentioning the benefits of the study, recommendations should be made to practitioners and / or researchers.

VI. References

References should be written in alphabetical order according to the surname of the author at the end of the manuscript, in 11 points and with 1 line space between the references. All references mentioned in the text should be included in the ‘References’ list.

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